| Mission/Vision

            Johnnie Lee Washington was born to Ida Belle and Rufus Washington on March 3, 1929.    He was the oldest of eight children all born in the State of Mississippi just outside a little Indian Village in the Delta of Mississippi known as Mt. Bayou.  Johnnie ran away from his former life in Mississippi, and ended up in the capital city of Jazz, New Orleans.  The next stop was New York.  He found a job making $45.00 per week working in a drug store in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn.  After landing a job, he started traveling and singing with a church group called “The Gospel Wonders”. There was so much unrest in his spirit that he finally met with to his pastor, Bishop Garner and told him that God had called to preach.  He preached his first sermon in the St. Mary’s Church of Christ.  Working on the choir and working with the people was enjoyable but there was a tug on his heartstrings and a voice whispering that it was time to go.  His work there was just about over.
            On the 4th Sunday in April 1968, Pastor Johnnie Washington held his first service in the Red Hook Mission.  Still without the complete picture as to what God was going to do with him, he accepted the pastoral ship.  God gave him the name “Tabernacle of Prayer For All People, the Center of Hope” as the church name.  He began his ministry at 34 Rockaway Avenue in Brooklyn, New York with approximately 15 people in a building that would seat 13 people.  He later moved to a building that would seat 350 people. 
            Manhattan Bible Institute began in 1972 with about 50 students. This bible school was built within the Tabernacle of Prayer through much prayer and fasting.  In the summer of 1976, the first Sunday in July, Pastor Washington opened the Big Gospel Tent on the corner of Eastern Parkway and Hopkinson Avenue. 
            The choir was now nearly 100 strong.  When the tent revival was over in 1976, God had given Pastor Washington 2,200 souls who gave their lives to Christ to include me, Pastor Kornegay.  More than 900 souls received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and hundreds were delivered from illness and other forms of bondage.  What a mighty God we serve!
            A new facility to house all the new believers was founded in Jamaica, New York.  This building, an old theater, was huge.  The sanctuary would hold 4,000 people not counting the stage.  The ministry had grown by leaps and bounds.  By the time Pastor Washington moved to Jamaica, he was Overseer of some 33 churches nationwide.
            After suffering several strokes and a heart attack, Apostle Johnnie Washington died on April 22, 1986.  He left us with a legacy of Holiness.  The story does not end there, only his part of the story.  We continue to share with world those same things we shared with us, that those in the world might be saved. 

Text Box:              The Goldsboro, North Carolina church was pastored by Elder Lawrence Bogier of New York.  After settling down in Goldsboro, Pastor Boggier made the Goldsboro Tabernacle one to the fastest growing in the fellowship.  His beautiful wife Coretha and three children stand with him as he obeys the voice of God.
            Pastor(s) Charles & Nancy Kornegay are products of both Apostle Washington and Apostle Bogier.  Pastor Nancy found the Lord at age 16 at the Big Tent and made the Goldsboro church her home church.  This is where Pastor Charles and Pastor Nancy began a lifelong relationship. After marrying in September 1978, Pastor(s) Charles and Nancy Kornegay moved several times due to military assignment orders. In 1986,   last assignment was in Hinesville, Georgia.  They thought this would be a temporary stop before Pastor Charles retired from the military but God had something else in mind.
            After arriving in Hinesville, they attended a church under watch care.  After praying and fasting as their late Apostle did, they were led to start a ministry in the area.  They dreamed of planting a church that would be “a place where the hurting, the depressed, the confused can find life, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness and encouragement.  It would be a Tabernacle of Prayer For All People.
            After Apostle Lawrence Bojier’s consent in 1988, Pastor(s) Charles and Nancy Kornegay started a mission in Hinesville with eight people.  This consisted mostly of the two of them, their four children and two other adults.  The ministry grew in one month to 14 members.  Because the building would only house about 20 people, they sought out a new place of worship and found an old theater on South Main Street in Hinesville.  A Pastor was already using this building but God told Pastor Nancy to sit and wait.  After sitting for two Sundays, Pastor Nancy was approached by the Pastor and asked if she wanted to rent the building.  Since this Pastor was moving to a new location, he had promised the building to someone else.  When she asked him why she was given this opportunity instead of the other interested party, he replied, “God said to give it you”. They accepted and rented the building.
            In 1994, the owner forced Pastor(s) Charles and Nancy out of this building due to disrepair.  The ministry was now 40 strong.  Before this happened God has blessed the ministry with 13.4 acres for $50.000.  Since acquiring this land, the ministry has grown to well over 100 people.  Being led by the Holy Spirit, The Liberty Tabernacle of Prayer for All People, Inc is now building a new church that will seat approximately 700 people.  The new building will accommodate the continual growth of the church, fulfill God’s vision for the church and effectively serve and meet the spiritual and natural needs of the community.  Liberty Tabernacle of Prayer For All People is literally a place of worship for all people regardless of race, creed or color; rich or poor in spirit; rejected, broken and brokenhearted. All are welcomed and showered with AGAPE love.